Please don't just refer to papers by number, with no clue about the name. Even after reading your email I have to make an educated guess about the paper being discussed, or open another browser window to lookup

It's "Named universal character escapes".

On Mon, 4 Apr 2022, 08:39 Corentin via Core, <> wrote:
Hello folks.
I'm currently trying to implement a conforming version of P2071.

It's somewhat...difficult, as 10646 is not the most developer friendly source of truth.

Are implementers expected to manually comb the code charts in the pdf of ISO 10646 to find the relevant names?

I understand the desire to refer to ISO 10646 but...could we please add a notes along the lines of
"The names and aliases are derived from the character names in UnicodeData.txt and the aliases classified as alternate, control or correction of NameAliases.txt"
And if there are exceptions to that, I suppose we should find out?