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Hello 'EWG',

Next week's telecon will cover these papers:
  • P2295 Support for UTF-8 as a portable source file encoding and
  • P2362 Remove non-encodable wide character literals and multicharacter wide character literals
I was asked in today's SG16 telecon to comment on the wording in P2362 ahead of the EWG telecon tomorrow (that I unfortunately will be missing).

For context, all changes in the paper are to [lex.ccon].

In paragraph 2, the following additional change would be appropriate (since there is only one applicable base kind now):

their respective base kinds => the base kind

For the change to bullet 3.2.2, the discussion in the paper does not propose a change to the status quo regarding numeric escapes. The proposed change to this bullet should be omitted. That is, L'\x80000000' remains valid when wchar_t has a signed 32-bit underlying type.

The rest of the changes appear sufficient and in line with my understanding of the consensus out of SG16.