SG16 will hold a telecon on Wednesday, February 10th at 19:30 UTC (timezone conversion).

The agenda is:

Plan to spend 45 minutes on each paper.

For WG14 N2620, please review the discussion that occurred on the SG16 mailing list following the last telecon.

For P2093R3, please review the summary from our prior review of P2093R2 on 2020-12-09 and the changes made in the new revision to address SG16 feedback.

There are two significant questions that I feel we need to get consensus on before we poll to forward P2093R3 to LEWG.

  1. On Windows, when outputting directly to the console, should std::print() bypass the console encoding when:
    1. The execution encoding is UTF-8?
    2. The execution encoding is not UTF-8?
      1. If yes, is the std::print() input transcoded to Unicode from the execution encoding or the locale dependent run-time encoding?
  2. What are the possible future directions for support of other character types; what is the behavior of std::print("{} {} {} {}\n", L"wide", u8"utf-8", u"utf-16", U"utf-32")?
    1. This question is intended to ensure that we do not design ourselves into a corner.
    2. Is support of other character types important?
    3. Is support for such conversions dependent on execution or locale dependent run-time encoding?
    4. How would such conversions depend on whether output is directed to a console or redirected elsewhere?
    5. Does support for such conversions imply the need for a well-defined output encoding (independent of execution encoding)?

Direction polls may be taken for both papers.  Depending on discussion, we may also poll forwarding P2093R3 to LEWG.