Thank you, Nial.  I'll ask for a volunteer at the SG16 telecon scheduled for this week (in under 24 hours) to perform a review.  Unless that review raises new SG16 specific concerns, I'm not inclined to spend further SG16 telecon time on this paper as I think LEWG is well positioned to take it from here.  LEWG and/or LWG can always request specific input from SG16 if their respective chairs feel doing so is warranted.


On 10/1/20 7:10 AM, Niall Douglas via SG16 wrote:
Dear SG16 and Billy,

Please find attached draft 1 of the proposed normative wording for P1030
path_view targeting the C++ 23 IS.

There are likely code correctness mistakes in the current proposed
wording, as it has diverged quite a bit from the reference
implementation. Over the next few weeks I intend to port the reference
implementation to this IS spec.

Nevertheless, I would appreciate SG16 sign off on this draft 1 wording
before it heads to LEWG for review, and any comment from LEWG or LWG or
standard library implementers are of course always welcome.