The updated revision, with additional changes suggested by Jens elsewhere in this email thread, has been submitted for the next mailing and is available at

If anyone has any further review comments, please let me know!

Mike, I believe this is again ready for Core review.  I know Core is continuing to work through Davis' lookup paper, please let me know when you can fit it in.


On 8/24/20 12:12 AM, Tom Honermann via Core wrote:

Perhaps it is time to re-title this paper to "Rewrite [lex.ccon] and [lex.string]" :)

An update of D2029R3 is available at  This addresses the feedback provided at the July 20th, 2020, core issues processing telecon.  The relevant changes include:

I believe this is ready for CWG review again.  Jens, Richard, and Hubert, if you can provide any additional change requests before the next core issues processing telecon, I would appreciate it.  I'm hoping that the next CWG review will be the last one!


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