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> So, it seems we would increase consensus in EWG if we
> added emojis to the valid identifier characters.

While my views on this matter should be well-known by now, I have a
question about this.
What is the rationale for emojis in identifiers?

I am actually not sure that there is a strong one, but as P1949 will remove support for the few emojis that happen to be supported,
there is some push back.
The fact that C++ allows some emojis seems rather accidental as it only allows a subset of them (in a way that is problematic in terms of diversity).

I could give you some reasons like, maybe it appeals to young people learning the language or it's fun in slide code / twitter poll.
But the truth is, in languages that do support them ( Swift , raku), it seems barely used beyond a novelty effect, and it would have a non-negligible cost
both for us and implementers.

Either way, the status quo is not satisfactory, support needs to be fully added or fully removed.

I hope we understand that making sure people can write code in their native language is a different matter than allowing emojis.
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