The summary for the SG16 meeting held March 25th, 2020 is now available.  For those that attended, please review and suggest corrections:

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th, from 19:30-21:00 UTC (3:30-5:00pm EDT).  An invitation (from has been sent to the mailing list and prior attendees.  The draft agenda is:
- Discuss the proposed operational plan for now until the NY meeting.
  - The proposed plan will be posted to the mailing list before the meeting.
- Unicode Message Format Working Group liaison report.
- D1949R3: C++ Identifier Syntax using Unicode Standard Annex 31
  - New draft revision review (pending new draft availability).

For any new attendees: The meetings are video conferences conducted via BlueJeans.  If you are planning to attend, please test your system by visiting before the scheduled meeting time.