FYI for SG16 telecon attendees.  This won't impact our next telecon, but for anyone using the desktop client, you may get prompted to upgrade for telecons after that one.


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Subject: BlueJeans App Version Update
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 18:01:20 +0000
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BlueJeans Service Advisory

Desktop App Version Upgrade
(Linux | Mac | Windows)

As you may recall, the older BlueJeans Desktop versions (versions 1.x) are reaching end of life. Your organization has been waiting to upgrade until the app supported Linux (in addition to Windows and Mac). We're pleased to share the BlueJeans Desktop App for Linux is now available.

On December 6th, your users will be prompted to upgrade to the Desktop App (version 2). 

With 99% of our customers already enabled for BlueJeans App v2, we are seeing higher end user satisfaction scores than ever before! We believe this will be a very positive experience for you.

Call to Action

  • Version Testing: Would you like to test the app in advance? No problem, simply download the desired installer:
    Desktop App for Linux | for Windows | for Mac
  • Upgrade Before December: You can always upgrade early by submitting a case online. Just let us know your preferred date (upgrades can be scheduled for any Friday evening).
  • FAQs: Please take a moment to review the frequently asked questions below. 
  • Notify End Users: We recommend notifying your users of the change in advance. Download Email Template

We’ll send you reminders mid-month and again a week prior to the upgrade for convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BlueJeans Desktop App 2.x? 

The BlueJeans Desktop App 2.x provides a quicker, easier, and more delightful meeting experience. Click here to see a quick video of the new user experience.

What will happen when our version is upgraded? 

Linux, Mac and Windows 64-bit users who are on 1.x will be prompted to upgrade to the latest BlueJeans Desktop App (version 2). Linux users will not have the option to skip this upgrade, however Mac and Windows users will have the option to click the "Remind Me Later" button for a time.

We highly recommend notifying your users of the change ahead of the update. We’ve created this email template you can edit and make your own.

What is the impact if we deployed the previous version using an MSI file?

That depends of if you used the per-user or the per-machine MSI:

  • Per-user MSI: Users will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version of the App.
  • Per-machine MSI: The older version of the App will continue to be used until you deploy the new version using your Centralized Management Tool. 

Where can I get information on software distribution process? 

Administrators can choose to deploy the latest version using a Centralized Management Tool. Learn more here

What about Windows 32-bit users? 

Windows 32 bit users will be not be impacted and will continue to join meetings with the BlueJeans 1.x App. However, we highly encourage those users to check out our browser offering which has a consistent experience to the BlueJeans 2.x App.

Please contact BlueJeans Support

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