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Re: Thankyou for C++23

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 10:45:58 -0500
On 2/14/23 9:21 AM, Peter Brett via SG16 wrote:
> Thank you for the kind words, Alisdair!
> I feel like we should particularly recognize the contributions from Corentin Jabot, Jens Maurer, and Steve Downey, who have done the majority of the heavy lifting on the language specification side.

I agree; including their willingness to listen to review feedback
generously provided by everyone and to find common ground when
disagreements occur. SG16 has a long history of obtaining strong
consensus on the papers we forward and it shows when it comes to review
in the WGs; papers from SG16 by and large sail through the WGs and
plenary! I attribute that to the domain expertise of the authors,
careful review, and time spent ensuring we have the right design and
proximate wording! Thank you all!


> Best regards,
> Peter
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> Sent: 14 February 2023 14:19
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> Subject: [SG16] Thankyou for C++23
> As an occasion observer on this list, I just want to say Thank You
> for the great work this SG has produced for C++23. Building a
> solid foundation 30+ years after the building construction started
> is an incredibly difficult and ofter under appreciated task, and we
> will be reaping the benefits for decades to come.
> So thank you. Great job. Now get to work on the next step!! ;)
> AlisdairM

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