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Re: [isocpp-core] On implementing P2071

From: Jens Maurer <Jens.Maurer_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2022 17:13:43 +0200
On 14/04/2022 16.58, Tom Honermann wrote:
> On 4/14/22 2:03 AM, Jens Maurer wrote:
>> On 14/04/2022 06.29, Tom Honermann wrote:
>>> Peter Brett submitted WG2 N5168 <https://www.unicode.org/wg2/docs/n5168R1-ISO10646.pdf> late last year and the WG2 project editor followed up with WG2 N5174 <https://www.unicode.org/wg2/docs/n5174-namesaliases.pdf>; a proposal to address the reported concerns regarding name aliases. The proposed changes add a normative reference to NameAliases.txt and, hopefully, clean up the presentation some.
>> In general, I'm uneasy to refer to normative resources maintained outside
>> of the ISO system. In ISO, I know what the process of revision and review
>> is; for external resources, I don't. ISO probably has a way to publish
>> machine-readable files alongside a standard, too. It appears that
>> WG2 is following a different approach for ISO 10646, though.
> That sounds like good feedback to offer the W2 project editor.

W2 -> WG2 everywhere.

> I will soon be submitting the feedback offered by you in
> https://lists.isocpp.org/sg16/2022/03/3072.php to the W2 project editor.
> Would you like me to include this feedback as well?

I think I'm not in the business of advising WG2 how to best
construct future revisions of ISO 10646. If you believe my
feedback above might be useful to WG2, go ahead and forward
it as you see fit.

Beyond that, I would hope that communication on issues in
ISO 10646 could be made a little more interactive than
tossing N-numbered papers around with a latency of >1 month.


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