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Re: [SG16-Unicode] [isocpp-lib] New issue: Are std::format field widths code units, code points, or something else?

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019 12:25:23 -0400
On 9/9/19 3:31 AM, Corentin wrote:
> 3) support for a subset of Win32 interfaces that take char8_t.
> E.g., U8 variants of some existing A/W interfaces.
> That seems unlikely ?

Probably. That is why I stated a subset. We had discussed this with a
Microsoft representative and he stated this would be up to the component

> z/OS is a bit more interesting. Though EBCDIC based, ASCII
> interfaces that implicitly transcode to EBCDIC are available for a
> subset of C interfaces . As far as I am aware, there are no plans
> to extend this support to include UTF-8.
> Their interest in text is limited, it is clearly a small minority here.
I don't agree that their interest in text is limited. EBCDIC is text
even though it can't represent all the world's languages (same for ASCII).
> I think there is a difference between not breaking their use cases and
> designing for that platform specifically.
> Whatever we do, they will be fine

I agree, I'm not worried about IBM. But I do expect us to honor our
long shared history and to be sensitive to the fact that many billions
of lines of code that are still maintained were not written for Unicode.


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