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Re: [SG16-Unicode] P1689: Encoding of filenames for interchange

From: Brad King <brad.king_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2019 11:57:59 -0400
On 9/6/19 11:17 AM, Niall Douglas wrote:
> Secondly, I want to make sure that your "lossless round trip" means a
> very specific thing: the conversion of the filesystem native encoding to
> UTF8, and back to the filesystem native encoding, and then a *byte
> comparison* of equivalence (not lexicographic comparison).

We do mean a byte-wise round-trip and can clarify accordingly (we
already warn about normalization by JSON libraries). This is mainly
meant for keeping simple paths on Windows simple.

Thanks for raising your other points. When Ben returns from vacation
we'll look at them in more detail.


Received on 2019-09-06 17:58:03