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Subject: Re: [SG16-Unicode] Convert between std::u8string and std::string
From: Philipp Klaus Krause (krauseph_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-05-06 10:27:57

Am 06.05.19 um 16:23 schrieb Tom Honermann:
>> My proposal N2282 adds mbstoc16s, c16stombs, mbstoc32s, c32stombs. That
>> is, non-restartable functions.
>> Non-restartable functions have a performance / code size advantage, are
>> always thread-safe, and don't read beyond the end of 0-terminated strings.
>> If there is sufficient demand for restartable ones (to be able to easily
>> handle incomplete chunks of text without needing the user to handle a
>> buffer), one could certainly consider adding those, too.
> Philipp, could you summarize the state of that proposal?  It looks like
> it was discussed at the Pittsburgh meeting according to N2307 [1] and
> there was a request for additional implementation experience.  I don't
> see an updated paper in the London pre-meeting mailing.  Was this
> discussed there?  Do you plan to continue pushing this forward?
> Tom.

The situation is still the same: WG14 wants more implementation
experience (i.e. we'd need a second implementation; I already asked on
the musl mailing list, but they didn't seem particularly interested).
Once there is a second implementation, I'd have another straw poll in WG14.


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