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Subject: [SG16-Unicode] WG14: N 2358 goes into C2X, could make implementations of mblen() non-compliant
From: Philipp Klaus Krause (krauseph_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-05-03 13:33:30

Today, WG14 voted N 2358 into C2X. This makes mblen() thread-safe by
disallowing the use of internal state in that function.

Since this could make existing implementations non-compliant (though
only one C implementation is known to be affected that way), we thought
that it would be good to notify you, so any C++ implementations would
know as early as possible, and could, if necessary, fix their mblen().

The C++ standard contains mblen(), and leaves the semantics of this
function to be specified by the C standard.


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