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> > Why do we need to coerce compilers into playing this role?
> Because build systems are not part of the ISO standards from WG21. While we
> can't describe a build ecosystem in an ISO standard, C++ will need to be
> usable without the existence of anything except the "compiler".

Well, if we're getting technical, ISO C++ doesn't have compilers either
(at least "compile" is nowhere in `[intro.defs]`). There *are*
implementations. How they exist or work is not something I've seen in
the C++ standard.

And even given what I think you're referring to as a "compiler", I have
no idea what to do with such a thing without a standard library, linker,
or backing platform implementation (because no C++ stdlib I'm aware of
implements `std::filesystem` without an underlying platform).

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Compilers aren’t part of the ISO standards from WG21, either!

Indeed. Which is why I wrote the word compiler in quotes.

Although the various mentions of compilers in non-normative notes might give the wrong impression.

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