Hi all!

It's interesting that all the tools I've looked at have a hard time distinguishing between misspellings of attributes and user-defined attributes.

Given that, and the need to keep the SG15 backlog populated, I have marked a paper on the subject for review, though I believe I just missed the filing deadline. It might be officially published in the April mailing.

Here is the paper: https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2565R0.pdf

Here is the abstract:

While the standard supports vendor-provided and otherwise user-defined attributes in C++, actual use of nonstandard attributes while preventing trivial misspellings is a challenge. In particular, diagnostics in compilers used to prevent misspellings of standard and well-known attributes will reject attributes provided for other contexts, including attributes used to support other compilers. This document explores how this problem presents itself in practice and proposes a potential attribute declaration syntax to address the problem.

Bret Brown