I keep reading this.  The opposite is just true as well.  For example, there are lot of experience with C# out there and their productivity hasn’t gotten down because of it.


Lost in all this brouhaha is the fact that the IS does not preclude a trivial mapping: your implementation will document what it wants.


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We don't need it and a lot of us believe we need to not have it.

The price for this level of indirection, as you say is quite high on tooling. the benefits un-existant.


The evolution working group and the authors of the module proposal seem afraid to over specify - while SG-15 thinks

leaving things as they are will lead for decades of pain. At least, I certainly think so.


We have a lot of experience in other languages for deterministic and direct  name -> file mapping, very little for having the module name solely in the source.



As for name collision... It's not a problem. It would even be a good thing to make sure not to have duplicated file names: 

Module identifier needs to be unique in a program, so asking the same of files is reasonable.






On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 at 02:20 Scott Wardle <swardle@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

I have been looking for some information why do we need a level of indirection from module name to module interface file name.  Why are modules names need a different system then header names.

I have hear that Microsoft was having some problems with name collision. Is there more concrete information about the problem that Microsoft or other companies were having?

If you have a name collision today with headers we would just make another library that wraps one of the two colliding headers. I name the public header of this new library something different and problem solved.

So I don’t understand why are we paying for this level of indirection but I probably just don’t understand the problem.

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