Hi all,
have the current version of the proposal in for the next mailing (and uploaded to the SG14 github),
version v6.01 of the reference implementation has been released (plflib.org/colony.htm) which matches the existing proposal fully now.
The fully-functional reserve() has been well-received, with some people reporting they held off using it because of the lack of that feature. So I think that was a good call overall, even if there are some GCC9/10 compiler issues relating to performance.

Jens has gone through and given me another critique of tech spec of the prev version, which has been integrated. There's a few more questions which I've put in the current versions 'questions for the committee' section, so if anyone has the time to take a look at the github ver they're welcome to give feedback here.

Otherwise was just looking for some general clarification around the standardisation process in the age of Covid-19, Michael noted that face to face WG meetings are banned currently, but is standardisation still happening/progressing in the absence of the F2F meetings? And what form does that take? Kinda out of the loop here-
Thanks in advance,