Hi all, as promised from the December's SG14 survey of Domain features, I have started building a google spread sheet of features, issues, defects we wish to address. We discussed some of these wishlist during the call and thanks to Steffan TJ's post-call discussion, we collated further propoals. We can put this into github after we had some discussions.

This is my recollection of current status, though I may be wrong in many entries so I am hoping others, especially the authors can correct this, directly by editing the document.

The goal of this is to use this to record our past succecssful proposals, and also to drive additional proposals of interest. Some of the proposals does not need to be directly related to SG14, but could be in led through other groups (such as SG6, SG19) but we we are also watchign it for interest.
If you want editing, just ask me. As it is Google, obviously google accounts works best, but non-google account sometimes also work, though I have not detected what the patterns are.

I hope to turn this into a regular status document update for the mailing on SG14 progress.