There is also this paper:


P1640R0: Error size benchmarking


It’s lower priority than the others, as it is just informative, and won’t lead directly to new wording in the standard.  Papers from others take priority over this paper, but time permitting, the group would probably like to discuss this.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [SG14] Monthly meeting next Wednesday 2-4 ET


Hi all, we will be having our monthly meeting next week, just before the mailing deadline of June 17.

Please suggest possible discussion items and paper reviews.At this point,  I am aware of the following. Any others?

Ben Craig:

The drafts of D1641R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Rewording the Status Quo" and D1642R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Easy [utilities]". These papers can also be reached at the following URLs:

These are follow-on papers from P0829 "Freestanding Proposal". I'm still going in that direction, just with lots of little papers now, instead of one big paper.