No need to set up an off cycle call. Slot me in the schedule where it makes sense.

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From: Michael Wong <>
Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2019 1:21:30 PM
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Cc: Ben Craig
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [SG14] Drafts for freestanding library: rewording the status quo, and "easy" utilities
Hi Ben as we are not having the call last week and this week, would you want an earlier call then June 13?
Thanks for writing this.

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 9:17 AM Ben Craig via SG14 <> wrote:
The *div functions will be in a later paper.  <cstdlib> has a small number of things that are freestanding in C++17 and C++20, and those are all that got marked in the "status quo" paper.  I'll have a paper that covers in the future.  I didn't do that paper first because I'm waiting to see how the contract violation handler types will end up.

Is the dependency on the <array> header just because of tuple_size and tuple_element?  If so, then I'm not too concerned.  Implementations are allowed to provide more than the bare minimum for freestanding after all.  Plus, I plan on getting to <array> eventually anyway.

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Cc: Paul M. Bendixen
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [SG14] Drafts for freestanding library: rewording the status quo, and "easy" utilities
Are the *div functions coming in a later paper or did you remove them on purpose?
Also note that the easy utils paper might have a dependence on the array header

lÝr. 11. maj 2019 20.26 skrev Ben Craig via SG14 <>:
Attached are drafts of D1641R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Rewording the Status Quo" and D1642R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Easy [utilities]".  These papers can also be reached at the following URLs:

These are follow-on papers from P0829 "Freestanding Proposal".  I'm still going in that direction, just with lots of little papers now, instead of one big paper.

I am hoping to discuss these in the next SG14 telecon.  Let me know if there are any concerns.
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