The *div functions will be in a later paper.  <cstdlib> has a small number of things that are freestanding in C++17 and C++20, and those are all that got marked in the "status quo" paper.  I'll have a paper that covers in the future.  I didn't do that paper first because I'm waiting to see how the contract violation handler types will end up.

Is the dependency on the <array> header just because of tuple_size and tuple_element?  If so, then I'm not too concerned.  Implementations are allowed to provide more than the bare minimum for freestanding after all.  Plus, I plan on getting to <array> eventually anyway.

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Are the *div functions coming in a later paper or did you remove them on purpose?
Also note that the easy utils paper might have a dependence on the array header

lÝr. 11. maj 2019 20.26 skrev Ben Craig via SG14 <>:
Attached are drafts of D1641R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Rewording the Status Quo" and D1642R0.0 "Freestanding Library: Easy [utilities]".  These papers can also be reached at the following URLs:

These are follow-on papers from P0829 "Freestanding Proposal".  I'm still going in that direction, just with lots of little papers now, instead of one big paper.

I am hoping to discuss these in the next SG14 telecon.  Let me know if there are any concerns.
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