Please don’t be sad!  The point of this process is to figure out what people want and don’t want.  We know this better now : - )




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I'm actually really saddened to see that the paper doesn't address any concern that we raised during the Google docs discussion. It doesn't bring anything more than what is already available in 3rd party libraries.

As it it, the effort works for games, perhaps a handful of others cases, and that's about it, as we lack proper support for multi-dimensions/ranks, component-wise operations... Actually anything that is mentioned in the SG19 paper cannot be addressed by this proposal.






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Hi Cem,

I will be emailing an R1 draft later today before the call that
includes some corrections and a little more information.


P.S.<number>  will always get you the latest...

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> Hi Michael,
> could you tell me where I can find the latest P1385 draft?
> Thanks
> Cem
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