As previously advertised SG13 is meeting Thu and Fri pm.

The draft schedule is on the SG13 Wiki page -- see there for the latest version.

The current snapshot is

Weds - Bad Sassendorf. Joining with SG16 to look at the text additions to P0267. See SG16's schedule

P0267R9 A Proposal to Add 2D Graphics Rendering and Display to C++ link 1:30pm 30 minutes

Thu pm - Bad Homburg. Graphics

Approx. start time Paper
13:30 P1108R2 - web_view
14:30 P0267R9 - 2-D Graphics

Fri pm - Bad Homburg. Audio

Approx start time Paper
13:30 P1764R0 - Feedback on P1386R2 std::audio
14:30 P1386R2 - A Standard Audio API for C++
16:30 P1677R0 - Cancellation is not an Error
17:00 P1678R0 - Callbacks and Composition