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  • Roger Orr (chair and minutes) - RO
  • JF Bastien - JF
  • Michael Spencer - MS
  • Timer Doumler - TD
  • Louis Dionne - LD
  • Sophia Poirier - SP
  • Grafik Robot - GR
  • Rene Rivera - RR
  • Justin Bogner - JB


  • Guy Davidson

The call began shortly after 17:00UTC

P1386R2 - A Standard Audio API for C++

We began with an audio update as TD had a scheduling conflict

TD The update includes some new things such as timestamps, callbacks, and new datatypes. Still to come are channel layouts, settings negotiation, and responses to some of the Apple feedback in P1764R0 R2 has been implemented on Mac and Windows (on a branch)

SP noted she is coming to Cologne

RO Any more questions on the feedback?

TD apologised that there wasn't time to discuss P1764R0 on this call

Scheduling of SG13 in Cologne

JF EWGI may meet on Wed and Thur as some members wish to attend EWG on Monday

RO Need to comfirm with LEWGI to see when they are meeting - originally Bryce thought Mon-Wed so chose Thr and Fri afternoons for SG13

JF Text is one thing to discuss, note that SG16 are also interested in this

RO Maybe we should have a join session with SG16 to focus on text at Cologne?

JF Lot of the push back on earlier versions of P0267 came from Rapperswil -- it would be worth checking what the issues were that were raised and asking how can we obtain more agreement.

JF JB will be involved in the response to the update to P0267

RO asked if anyone would be interested in remote attendance of SG13 meetings, although noting that unfortunately the timezone (UTC+2) is not very compatible with California (UTC-7).

RR indicated he might be interested

RO to ask on the SG13 mailing list


There was no discussion of graphics as no paper authors were present on the call.

The call closed around 17:20UTC