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>>> The status quo in the standard is:
>>> 1) Language linkage is part of the function type.
>>> 2) Initializing a function pointer with a wrong-language-linkage function (pointer) is a type error.
>>> 3) Explicitly casting a function pointer to the wrong type and calling it is UB.

I hope someone who maintains an implementation for such a target will speak up. (I think someone did when this was last asked, though, so I don't think this is a theoretical or legacy concern. I'd be very happy to be wrong about that.)
I work in the vicinity of such an implementation. The cost to removing (1) is non-zero for "C" language linkage, and I am not sufficiently familiar with the nuances of the implementation to know how expensive migrating code would be if a change was made from the status quo in the standard. Removing (1) for other language linkages, of which the implementation supports several, is a non-starter. In particular, the implementation does use language linkage to indicate differences in calling convention, and interfacing with code implemented with different calling conventions is common in the context of the platform (due to a large body of non-C system APIs and object-code-only libraries built against older ABI levels).