So you did not follow what we started in Rapperswil on using a wiki with per topic entry. This would actually foster work and collaboration between meetings, than a single word doc can.


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On 9 Nov 2018, at 15:29, Stephen Michell <> wrote:

Thanks Daniel,

Hello all,

There will be minutes from the meeting, but they will basically point to the document being prepared. Any action items captured in the document will be transferred to the minutes after the meeting.

The document itself is at TR 24772-10 C++ language vulnerabilities mid-meeting 58. The home page for WG 23 is and you can follow the Documents link. 

We were quite productive yesterday. We are presently working on the major OO vulnerabilities, 

I would strongly encourage people that are interested in these topics to review the topics and concepts that we have captured. Everything is still in the formative stages.

On Nov 9, 2018, at 8:33 AM, JOSE DANIEL GARCIA SANCHEZ <> wrote:

I think we do not have minutes.

We were live editing the WG23 document, working on how different vulnerabilities are to be addressed in C++.

I assume Stephen Mithchell will distribute a version of the document when we are done.

Is that right?

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 8:09 AM <> wrote:

where can I find the minutes? What did you work on ?


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