On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 1:55 PM, Gabriel Dos Reis <gdr@microsoft.com> wrote:
| Gaby had a paper that would guarantee that memcpy can be used to reinterpret
| the bytes of an object of one type as a value of another type; that would seem
| to fit the bill here. And you can use that to build higher-level operations, such as
| this:

I was meaning to update that paper for Jacksonville, because it has to go in C++17, but life happened.
This that paper is the consensus of SG12 (as we reviewed it in Kona), I will make sure it gets honorable mention in Jacksonville and we have a full wording in the post-Jacksonville mailing for consideration for C++17 in Oulu.

Argh. Jacksonville is the last meeting to get things through EWG if they're going into C++17. Is it at all possible for you to get the paper into a state that EWG could approve, and get it onto Ville's agenda? If the existing paper if SG12's consensus, maybe that's enough. Post-Jacksonville should be fine for the full wording, since CWG will still be processing C++17 topics in Oulu.