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Here's an updated document.

Summarizing recent discussion:

With respect to N4267 (u8 character literals), we have now had three macro
name proposals:


The latter two, of course, update the value of a macro from C++11. I'm
inclined to guess that this is going to be considered a small enough tweak
that introducing a new macro name (such as the first) would not be

People have talked about how unfortunate it is that the C++11
recommendations use two different macro names for such closely related
features. So far, I have not interpreted this is an actual proposal to
change SD-6 -- it seems like noodling up to this point. But if someone
wants to produce a concrete proposal along these lines, we can certainly
consider it.

But I also want to point out that there are nine other C++17 papers for
which no proposal has yet been made.

For N4190 (removing old stuff) and N4258 (cleaning up noexcept), if no one
from SG10 makes a proposal pretty soon, I'm going to contact the authors to
see what kind of ideas they have.

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Finally looking at
N4258: Cleaning-up noexcept in the Library
The only thing I can think of that would be helpful is

I think the actual application of noexcept to all the various containers don't lend themselves to a macro in a way that would help migration.  It seems the customization of is_always_equal is used inside noexcept to set the exception policy.  If __cpp_lib_allocator_is_always_equal is defined you know you have to provide and set non-default is_always_equal for user-defined stateful allocators.  Similarly, user-defined containers could use the macro to migrate noexcept specification for their container methods.

In my last email I was thinking out loud and maybe it looked chaotic to me this morning.
I would like to summarize my favored approaches:

N4267 (u8 character literals)
	__cpp_unicode_characters		201411

N4190 (removing old stuff)
	__cpp_lib_remove_auto_ptr		201411

	__cpp_lib_remove_random_shuffle		201411

    	__cpp_lib_remove_deprecated_functionals	201411
	__cpp_lib_remove_deprecated_bind	201411
These would get date bumps if/when std::not_fun etc. or std::bind is removed.
I am slightly annoyed that the fist two don't have _deprecated_ but they look nice to me as they are.

N4279 - Improved insertion interface for unique-key maps
	__cpp_lib_map_insertion			201411
	__cpp_lib_unordered_map_insertion	201411

N4051 Allow typename in a template template parameter
	__cpp_typename_in_template_template_parm	201411
This may be too little to mess with.

N4268 - Allow constant evaluation for all non-type template arguments

N4230 - Nested namespace definition
	__cpp_nested_namespace_definitions	201411
I like this better than __cpp_nested_namespaces that I had before.

N3922 - New Rules for auto deduction from braced-init-list
	__cpp_auto_deduction			200604		for C++11
	__cpp_auto_deduction			201411		for C++17
This could be an alternate spelling of __cpp_return_type_deduction:
	__cpp_auto_deduction			201304		for C++14