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Subject: Re: P1847 Make declaration order layout mandated
From: Balog Pal (pasa_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-10-29 07:04:54

I asked guidance after the last meeting. I did not get a reply back then
and concluded it as confirming the idea to NOT have the macro.
If someone thinks it is needed after all, please say so.


On 2/16/2020 4:56 PM, Balog Pal via SG10 wrote:
>> Can you email the sg10 list with an example of why a feature test
> macro may be necessary?
> I have one use case in mind. In my projects I usually have a
> configuration/environments checking headers, that looks for compiler,
> language version and platform attributes, with #error if anything is
> not as expected.  Especially for things that were assumed and built on.
> The paper imposes a strict and reliable order of members, that is not
> unreasonable to assume. And that is easier to check with a related
> than a more generic one.
> OTOH my argument in the was that no one is actually swapping.
> I'm not in live with the macro and happy to remove it, please make a
> verdict before the postmailing deadline.

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