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Subject: [SG10] SG-10 meeting at lunch
From: John Spicer (jhs_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-11-06 11:06:28

Just a reminder, for those interested we will having a meeting over lunch at one of the tables in the lunch area.

The subjects I’m aware of for discussion are listed below.

If you have other things, please let me know.


These are issues for which people have mentioned that macros are missing, along with possible names.

- P0722 - destroying delete needs macros:


- Three way comparision:


- Rename __cpp_explicit_bool to __cpp_conditionally_explciit
  (proposal on core wiki)

- Do we want a contracts macro, or use __has_cpp_attribute?

- What, if anything, should be done with SD-6 going forward?

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