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[SG10] Minutes from 07-24 teleconference

From: Nelson, Clark <clark.nelson_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:54:23 +0000

Clark Nelson (2 action items)
Tom Plum (1 action item)
John Spicer
Richard Smith (1 action item)

Summary of the meeting:

Clark will send email to the list of attendees of the WG21 pre-meeting teleconference, more personally soliciting feedback and generally raising awareness.
(AI Clark) [Already done, and I've already gotten messages expressing approval from: Mike Miller, Lawrence Crowl and Steve Clamage]

Clark will fill in something by way of rationale and examples for the remaining C++14 features, without sweating real-world plausibility. If anyone has any idea about a plausible example for any feature, please send it along.
(AI Clark)

Richard volunteered to provide something like standardese wording for __has_include.
(AI Richard)

We decided to go slowly with respect to filling in sections that are currently stubs, pending WG21 approval of the general direction. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate to look at what Boost does by way of configuration. Richard provided a link to their documentation; Tom volunteered to look it over and make an initial recommendation.
(AI Tom) [Already done, in private email]

Clark Nelson            Vice chair, PL22.16 (ANSI C++ standard committee)
Intel Corporation       Chair, SG10 (C++ SG for feature-testing)
clark.nelson_at_[hidden]  Chair, CPLEX (C SG for parallel language extensions)

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