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Re: [wg14/wg21 liaison] Adding $,@ and ` to C++: P2558R1

From: Corentin <corentin.jabot_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2022 22:49:13 +0200
We should probably just get rid of the restriction that ucns cannot design
basic character set member, it doesn't appear to be strongly motivated.

On Wed, May 11, 2022, 22:25 Steve Downey via Liaison <
liaison_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> SG16, in reviewing the addition of the new characters to the basic
> character set found a couple of awful ways it could result in conforming
> code becoming non conforming.
> https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html
> #include <stdio.h> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-2> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-3>#define STR(x) #x <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-4> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-5>int main() <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-6>{ <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-7> printf("%s", STR(\u0024)); // UCN for $ was allowed, now it is not <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb2-8>}
> and
> #include <stdio.h> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-2> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-3>#define EAT(x) <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-4> <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-5>int main() <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-6>{ <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-7> EAT(\u0024) // UCN for $ was allowed, now it is not <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P2558R1.html#cb3-8>}
> I am not sure this was noticed in reviewing N2701 but thought I'd bring it
> to your attention.
> SG16 had consensus to forward this to EWG.
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